Sales Policy (for Breeders Outside Japan)

We will sell LaPerm to those who intend to breed LaPerm, even outside of Japan. We do not sell LaPerm to those who want to keep LaPerm as pets without the purpose of breeding.

Please follow the standards and policies of TICA, CFA, GCCF, FIFe, or ACF in breeding.

We have not yet investigated how to export cats from Japan to other countries. Therefore, please be aware that it may take many months or even years to export.

Please be aware that we may visit your home before, during, or after the sale of LaPerm to you.

When you contact us with your intention to purchase LaPerm, please tell us who you are, what kind of environment you live in, how you will keep LaPerm, and above all, why you like LaPerm. Only if we can relate to your ideas will we sell our precious LaPerm to you.